Dan in France

Pineapple Glazed Chicken

This is my welcome back from the weekend, and happy soon to be march.


With regards to the latter, my new bon appetit came and I thought the recipes this month looked much more appealing than the february issue.  The first thing I made out of it was Pineapple Glazed Chicken with Jalepeno Salsa.

This recipe was great because it was really fast and easy—less than 25 minutes total.  Whats great is you can do most of the prep work while the chicken is cooking.

I meant to serve it with Bobby Flay’s blue cornbread, but instead just used some nice chips instead

Here are some thoughts:

I left the cilantro out, but added garlic in its place

I used white pineapple, it was really cool

I feel like the pictures dont do the glaze justice, but it turned out really well.

The Salsa


The Chicken